CyberForum Clusterize

Business Roaming Agreement

Terms and Conditions


The Business Roaming Agreement (BRA) vision is to achieve increased cooperation among cluster organisations worldwide. The fundamental idea of the BRA is to facilitate business between members of international clusters. Clusters or cluster-like organisations / initiatives can sign the BRA as a partner.

The BRA envisages following:

  1. The signing cluster agrees to provide free access to its facilities to BRA partners and their members for a maximum of five consecutive working days without a charge. “Facilities” implies access to a desk, to a conference room for meeting cluster members, complimentary Internet access and local introductions to the clusters management.
  2. The signing cluster agrees to offer the same services to visiting members of BRA partners as it does to its own members:
    • Visiting members are treated as equal to members of the host cluster, i.e. same fees for services as their members would pay.
    • BRA partners and their members can participate at events of other BRA partners under the same conditions and registration fees as their members.
  3. Access to facilities, services and events of BRA partners is allowed for members of the BRA partners only upon bilateral agreement, i.e. date and length of the visit, specific services, number of participants, etc. must all be agreed prior to the visit occurring. Contact is made directly with the selected BRA partner, with as much advance notice as possible to ensure the availability of facilities. All requirements and requests from visitors should be reasonable and it is at the discretion of the host to facilitate the visit. The involved cluster/s should inform CyberForum about the visit, to record use of the BRA by members of the programme.
  4. BRA members have to provide a contact person, responsible for co-ordinating their membership and visit requests through the BRA. CyberForum has to be informed, if staff changes occur and a new contact person is to be appointed.
  5. BRA is free of charge for all participants and no fee or period of notice for leaving is required.
  6. Every BRA-partner is obliged to publish the link to on its website. The Clusterize-logo and some associated text (in English) will be provided by CyberForum. The text can be adapted to meet partners requirements and should be translated into each clusters native language.